Small Video Dolly with CW3 wheels

Posted by on 7-9-15

This dolly system is a terrific addition to any video maker and is designed read more

NEW CW3 Wheels

Posted by on 9-9-14

These wheels are manufactured with 2 integrated bearing. The outside diameter read more

Hex Assembly

Posted by on 7-20-13

Each assembly is made with (4) v-groove wheels mounted onto CNC machined hex aluminum with an anodized black finish.

read more

Heavy Duty 1.25″ Rubber Track

Posted by on 7-19-13

Our 1.25″ flexible rubber track is made out of solid, durable rubber that is flexible enough to be conformed to many unique shapes. It provides a smooth, quiet ride while maintaining its original structure. Set-up is quick and easy and portable enough to be used on many different types of terrains.

read more

GoPro Pole Adapter Combo

Posted by on 7-16-13

This combo is made up of two parts. It includes an adapter and GoPro camera adapter. 

read more

Pole Adapter

Posted by on 7-10-13

This adapter is designed to connect to the top of a standard paint pole and turn it into a very long mono pod. You will be able to achieve some interesting camera angles from high up at a very affordable price.

read more

Doorway dolly casters

Posted by on 7-6-13

This set of (4) CW4 wheels mounted on 4 rigid casters can easily be attached directly to a piece of plywood to create a dolly that can easily carry a load of 300lbs (140kg). read more

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