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How much weight can each CW2 wheel carriage hold?

We recommend 50 pounds per each carriage for a total of 200 pounds for a set of 4 wheels


My CW1 wheels seem a bit stiff. Do you have any tips on loosening them up?

Due to the fact that they’re new, they are still a little stiff. After using, they should roll more freely. However until they loosen up, you can try using a drop of oil, (wd-40 or whatever you have handy) on the bearing of the problem wheel. Put a drop on both sides of that wheel and roll it against something to penetrate good.


Will your CW2 wheels work with a tripod? Would you recommend a flat surface (with  4 wheels) on which a tripod will stand, or even direct attach of a wheel to each tripod leg?

These wheels are not designed for direct use on tripod legs but if you are a good DIY-er, you can install them on a tripod. Of course it all depends on the type of the tripod legs. They might have a sharp tip, rubber, legs made out of round tube or a strange shape tube but somehow you can get around it using that screw, it all depends on your imagination, inspiration.


Do your CW2 wheels make noise when rolling? Is it loud/low? constant? affected by the surface material or the set-up weight? will it affect recorded audio?

There is always friction between any two objects that roll together. The noise level depends on different factors. One of them is the surface they are rolling on, for example a PVC pipe will sound different because it’s hollow compared to the sound of rollers on smooth concrete. If you mount it on plywood it will sound louder than a thick plate of metal because of the wood resonance.

It also depends on the speed. At regular speed the sound is low but the faster the speed the louder the noise. If you use just the microphone installed in your camera I’m going to assume that the sound will be louder than when using a microphone that is not mounted on camera or rig.


What materials are your CW2 wheels made out of?

The main support is made of zinc alloy and the ball bearing is made of carbon steel (model 625zz) with injected nylon


What size pipes can I run CamOnWheels on?

Our CW2 wheels can run on any smooth surface and on any 3/4″ (19mm) pipe or larger. We do recommend using them on 1 1/4″ (32mm) pipes when using them under heavy weight.

Our CW1 wheels run on 3/4 PVC pipes or bigger.


Do you ship internationally?

 Yes, shipping is calculated at checkout


Why didn’t you answer my question?

We didn’t know you had one! Please email us at if you have a question we haven’t covered.