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About Us

Like many others, we turned to making videos as a hobby. However, our hobby got to be too expensive with the prices of video equipment. Sticker shock quickly turned us from video makers into DIYers. We knew that there must be a more affordable way of pursuing our passion so out of our search for a cheaper alternative to an expensive slider, CamOnWheels was born.

At first, we did it simply for ourselves and shared a few sets of wheels with other DIYers. They were so pleased with the products that it pushed us into the direction of starting CamOnWheels and being able to help more video makers.

We will strive to find, make and sell quality products at a price that doesn’t intimidate fellow DIYers or filmmakers on a budget . With time, we plan on introducing more products and hope we will be here for the long run.

CamOnWheels would not exist had it not been for your support, ideas and input which has helped tremendously so keep it coming .


Thank you