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Here is an example of a slider track build using materials purchased from Home Depot. There are many different options in materials and  I just wanted to show some options.  For example, instead of the saddle tee used here, you can use a metal ring hanger (Home Depot Store SKU # 236762). The aluminum stair picket is not very strong so if your camera is heavier than 5 lbs, use a stronger support like a strut channel for example (Home Depot Store SKU # 455467)


Materials needed.

1 pcs 1″ emt conduit (10 feet cut in half Home Depot Store SKU # 580015) $6.40 each

1 pcs peak aluminum stair picket ( Home Depot Store SKU # 603341) $5.77 each

4pcs 1″ saddle tee (Home Depot Store SKU # 802539) $1.24 each

4pcs 1/2″ threaded pvc plug (Home Depot Store SKU # 294225) $0.96 each

4pcs 1/4-2otpi screw 1-1/4″ long (Home Depot Store SKU # 337197) $1.18/pack

4pcs 1/4″-20tpi wing nut (Home Depot Store SKU # 215175) $1.18/pack

4pcs 3/16″ washer (Home Depot Store SKU # 935807) $0.98/pack


Tools Needed

tools for camera slider


First measure the distance between the center of the wheels on your dolly.

DIY dslr dolly


Add 2 inches to that and cut the aluminum stair picket and lets start calling this “the support”.

Since my dolly is so wide I’ve cut this piece in half.

Cutting Dolly slider Support


I left 1″ from the edge and I drilled a small hole in the middle of the support.

From that hole I measured the distance between my wheels and I drilled another hole.

I also drilled an extra hole in the center between the 2 extremities in case I decide to mount this on tripods in the future.

I am enlarging the 2 outside holes using a 1/4″ drill bit. I will leave the one in the center like that for now until I decide what I’m going to mount this to.

Drill Slider Suport

Using a screw driver (or nail) I mark the center of the plug and I drill a guide hole with the small bit and then with the 1/4 drill bit.

Drilling Caps


I mounted the cap using the wing nuts. Don’t tighten too much as the aluminum will bend.

caps mount


Screw the saddle tee onto the mounted cap. Leave 2-3 teeth of thread exposed for easy un-threading in case you need to do so.

dolly pipe mount


Holding the saddle at an angle with the support will allow you to easily tighten the pipe.

camera dolly slider track


You can leave it like this for easier storage and transportation.

dslr camera dolly


And that’s pretty much it. You can use a marker if you don’t like those white caps.

diy dslr camera slider

diy camera dolly