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Our CW1 are affordable and versatile, giving you the option of running them smoothly on flat surfaces as well as on pipes. Each main support is made up of steel and has 2 wheels on each with its own ball bearing.  They’re covered in a soft plastic that will give you the friction you need, especially when running them on a PVC pipe track. The wheels are adjustable, helping with height options and saving you space. Weight capacity for our CW1 wheels are 40 lbs. per main support for a total of 160 lbs. for a set of 4.

The diameter of one wheel is 1 inch (25mm) with the width of approx. 9/16 inch (13mm). The “T” shaped bracket is 1″ 7/8 long (47mm) and 1′ 3/16 wide (30mm) and has 3 holes to accommodate the fasteners . You can also set the height of the wheels using a spring loaded locking bolt, high position at 1″ ¾, low position at 1″.

The pictures are just an example of what you can build using the wheels. To view our product videos click here.

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Please contact us for parts.