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Extremely durable 3k fiber woven 15mm Carbon Fiber Rails.

Rods come in a beautiful twill woven pattern that gives a 3-dimensional appearance with a glossy finish and end caps.

Carbon Fiber is strong for its weight, making it perfect to use while filming. It surpasses the stiffness and rigidity of metal while maintaining a super lightweight feel.

Our carbon fiber rails are one of the quickest and lightest ways to increase strength to your camera systems.

The tubes are slightly less than 15mm in outer diameter in order to fit all camera rigs.
Even the core of these tubes are made from carbon fiber so you know you’re getting great value for your buck. Designed unidirectional on the inside and with braided fibers on the outside, longitudinal cracking and splitting is basicallly eliminated.

If for any reason you need to cut the carbon fiber tube, use an abrasive cutoff wheel or 32 teeth per inch hacksaw. Do not use a band saw. Contact us for more detailed instructions on cutting.

Carbon Fiber Rails